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Hi, normally I use ctrl + t to open that menu where you can search for classes/symbols/actions/all

and ctrl + shift + l  to find the file in the solution?

I got two questions. What are those shortcuts called if I want to configure them differently?

Which is the shortcut for those when using the Vim plugin?

Thanks in advance.


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Here is an article with the instructions on how to change shortcuts and find an action by a shortcut. 
In a few words, do the following:
- go to `Preferences | Keymap`;
- click on the magnifying glass icon to open "Find shortcut" dialog;
- then press shortcut that you want to change to find corresponding actions;
- now, change a shortcut for found actions.
I hope this helps! Should you have any questions, let me know.

Action to search for classes/symbols/actions/all calls "Search everywhere". I'm not sure about the action to find the file in the solution calls. What keymap do you use? 

IdeaVim does not reassign these shortcuts. You can find special plugin actions with shortcuts in `File | Settings | Keymap | Plug-ins| IdeaVim`. 

All detailed information about IdeaVim you can find here.

I hope this helps! 


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