Visualize breakpoints in vertical scrollbar


Visual Studio visualizes the breakpoints in the file in it's vertical scrollbar. This is very helpful because you can see very quick if any breakpoints in the file or you can navigate directly to the breakpoints.

Normally I use breakpoints as reminders that I should investigate this a little bit more. In Rider I don't see it in the vertical scroll bar and I can't define the visibility through the color scheme. So I lost one tool for code reminders.

I know there is a window where I can see it. But I love the visibility directly in my code window. So I don't need any other visible window which gets my code view smaller.

Is there another way to display it in the scrollbar? I haven't found any extension.

Maybe someone misses this too or can help me with this.


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Hi Matthias,

Unfortunately, Rider does not have this feature. Please feel free to upvote the corresponding feature request on our tracker:


Kind regards, 


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Hi, is this still not possible?

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Hi Ricardo

unfortunately, this request has not been scheduled yet. Feel free to update it to raise its priority. 



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