Rider doesn't recognise Unity has started with Code Coverage

Hello, I hope I'm posting this on the correct topic.

I am trying to get code coverage to work on my Unity project, but after following the following steps:

  • Open my project on Rider
  • Select 'Start Unity (2018.4.13f1) with Coverage'

When I try to run any tests with coverage, I get prompted with the same message:

"To run code coverage analysis, restart Unity Editor using the 'Start Unity with Coverage' action on the Unity toolbar."

I've tried updating Rider and restarting my computer but nothing works.

I tested this on a different project and it works, so apparently there's something wrong with my Unity project?

Would be great if I could get some help on this. I am really excited to test this feature.

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Hello Jose,

Do you close Unity project before selecting Start Unity with Coverage in Rider? Does the Unity project get opened in this case? Could you please select Unity in Help | Diagnostic Tools | Trace scenarios, reproduce the issue, collect the logs via Help | Compress logs and attach them with a new issue on our bug tracker? Thanks in advance!


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