Issue with resolving classes when using a FrameworkReference SDK

Hey guys,
I prefer developing in Rider, compared to Visual Studio. I have no idea what the problem is, however, when I create a certain project from a template, the project can't resolve classes from the .NETFramework. I thought it would be something to do with MSBuild, however, I could not fix it.

It runs fine in Visual Studio.

The way you reproduce this issue is like the following:
1. dotnet new --install CitizenFX.Templates::0.1.1 (
2. mkdir Resource
3. cd Resource
4. dotnet new cfx-resource
5. Open solution in Rider and check errors in the files.

I have the required .NETFramework 4.5.2 installed.
I would really be grateful for your assistance, or maybe this is a bug in the software.



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