How to create App.config?

Hey. I watch video tutorials on C # and the author uses sql management studio. I want to use mysql with phpmyadmin (this is convenient for me).
The author works in Visual Studio, and I'm in Rider, his App.config file is created automatically, but I don’t. He has already filled with the settings. 
I tried to create it manually and register connection strings there, I launch the program, it adds a string to the database, but I do not see the visual
change in the database. What am I doing wrong?
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You've created a .NET Core console application, haven't you? As far as I know, App.config file is for non-Core (full .NET Framework) configuration. For such kind of projects, Rider has a file template:

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Thanks for help, i create this file. but i have a other question: how to fix it?

If you delete the App.config file and run the program, it will output data from the database to the console. But where to see this base? Where does he add them? They are stored somewhere, but I can’t understand where. In phpMyAdmin, no database has such data


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