Importing Net Core from VS doesn't find proper sdk

Good day -

Newbie here trying to learn .NET Core as I migrate from VS Code to Rider as I have IntelliJ experience. 


  • OS X
  • installed sdk (2.2.2105, 3.1.201, 3.1.300),
  • .NET Core 3.1.300 (confirmed  in Environment tab of Preferences),
  • Mono (confirmed  in Environment tab of Preferences)

I have a 2.2.1 project that I am able to work on in VS Code.   I opened the solution in Rider and every *.cs file has a red squiqly line under some line near the top, and hovering over the line gives the error.  For example, in my *Controller.cs file:

namespace My.Controllers
public class APIKeyController : Controller

The squigly line is under the second parenthesis with the message:

CsTokenType., expected, got ')'

And under a Constants file:

namespace My.Constants
public static class DbStringConstants
// Document Status Constants
public const string IncompleteStatus = "INCOMPLETE";

the squigly line is under the comment slashes with the message:

CsTokenType., expected, got ')'

So I think this means it cannot build or identify the CS reserved words because of sdk.  I try to build it  from the command line in Rider with dotnet build project and get the message:

MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist.

I tried changing the Toolset and Build to my sdk but they are not picked up apparently.  It seems like it has to be environmental issues, because my team mates apparently it just works for.

Greatly appreciate any help so I can get back on track here.


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