Any way to get Rider to support .SFPROJ projects?


I've been doing a bunch of work with Service Fabric lately.  Service Fabric projects have a .SFPROJ extension, and when you run them in Visual Studio, it will automatically deploy the service to your local cluster and launch a web browser (if your have a "start URL" configured).

I'm curious if there's any way to get Rider to provide a similar experience (Extensions, macros, etc).  I think basically internally, it just runs some PowerShell script and opens a web browser.  I'd be rather surprised if there's anything "Visual Studio proprietary" with anything it's doing.  Thanks!

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Hello Michael,

Unfortunately, this Azure Service Fabric support is not yet implemented. However, we have a corresponding issue on our bug tracker: RIDER-10370. We would appreciate it if you would upvote the issue in order to demonstrate additional interest and bring increased awareness of the issue.

Have a great day!


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