Context Action to generate a for loop from list ignores live template

Hi all,

When I generate a for loop from a list, every time it generates it where the iterator is a var, instead of an int. However, my live template is set so it should be an int. How can I change this? Is this a bug?


Autogenerated for loop, with var:

Live template:

Code style settings:

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Hello Isabella,

Could you please clarify your Rider version? Also, please share all .DotSettings files via the service and let me know the exact uploaded file name.

All DotSettings files can be around as described below:
- Personal layer: .DotSettings.user file is near your sln (if any)
- Team-shared layer: ```.DotSettings``` file near your sln (if any)
- Global settings layer: Use "Help -> Browse Special Files and Folders -> R# Global Settings" to locate ```GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings``` file

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Thanks Sofia!

Rider version: 2019.2.4 (I've just realised I wasn't being auto-updated to latest, so will try 2020.1.3!)

Upload link: 2020_06_28_PFsUpirhZ7i9Y8TT

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2020.1.3 still has the same issue.


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