WinForms designer, Text field in the Properties panel, cannot click and drag to select text. Bug?

For example, if I create a button, the Text field on the Property panel will have "button1" by default. In Microsoft Visual Studio, I can click on the Text field to give the focus to it (I-beam cursor appears), and then click and drag on the "button1" text with the left mouse button to select part of the text.

In Rider, if I try to do that, the blinking I-beam cursor disappears and the text is not selected at all. Clicking on the text again does not make the I-beam re-appear. I have to click another field and then click the Text field again to show the cursor again. Is this a bug?

It must be a bug... I cannot think of any reason to design the UI like this intentionally...

I would like to insert the screen recording of this, but it seems mp4 files are not allowed. Sharing the link to the video file instead: (it is a temporary file sharing site.)

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Hi Homer! 

You can select a text or its part if you expand the field. For this, click on the down arrow of the field. 


However, this is not handy and obvious, so I created an issue about this: RIDER-46956

Please, feel free to follow it and vote. 


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