C# application shows Start And Stop Thread over and over in Debug Output window

Our application always prints these messages in the Debug Output window. 

They occur every second or so.  Does this mean that somewhere in the app we are starting a thread that exits in 1 second, over and over?

Is this normal?

Started Thread 7725
Exited Thread 7725
Started Thread 7726
Exited Thread 7726
Started Thread 7727
Exited Thread 7727
Started Thread 7728
Exited Thread 7728
Started Thread 7729
Exited Thread 7729
Started Thread 7730
Exited Thread 7730
Exited Thread 6151
Exited Thread 6152
Started Thread 7731
Exited Thread 7731
Exited Thread 6144

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Hi Mitch.

Rider listens to the messages from runtime. If any thread has started or stopped working, Rider gets an event and prints about it into Debugger output. Therefore, the issue is on Rider side.


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