Creating .NET 4.7 Solution hangs on "Creating Solution File"

On my Mac, running Rider 2020 (both stable release and EAP4), when I create a new .NET Framework class Library (.NET Framework version 4.7) solution, it just hangs at "Creating solution File." 

I hope someone has a good solution to this!



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ETA, .NET Framework 4.8 has the same issue.

However, creating an empty solution, then adding a .NET Framework Class Library project to it, does work.



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Hello Toine,

Sorry to hear that you've run into this problem.

Please collect the following information:

- Rider logs, can be collected via `Help | Collect logs`;
- Backend snapshot, use the following instruction sampling part;
- Frontend snapshot, use this guide;

Create a new issue via `Help | Contact Support` or `Help | Report a bug` and attach all the data to the issue. There is an article on how to attach large files.
Thank you in advance and have a great day!


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