Provide 3rd party source code (open source) without pdb / sourcelink?


I've just started out using Rider, being able to go to implementation of a lot of the Core .NET libraries is great, same with pdb / external symbols / sourcelink for some 3rd party libraries.

Is there a way though, to go to implementation and/or debug open source libraries which don't provide a PDB / sourcelink nuget support? 

Take PlaywrightSharp for example; it's completely open source ( but doesn't provide a pdb or sourcelink, is there a way to get Rider to know about the code? Currently it will step into the decompiled code, but the decompiled code is quite different to the actual code so instead I find myself having to open a separate rider instance with the PlaywrightSharp which is OK for browsing but not ideal for debugging. 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. 

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Rider needs PDB files either with SourceLink or its old analogue SrcSrv to navigate to an external library code. If there is no PDB file in the NuGet package itself, Rider can try to download it from a symbol server. You can add custom symbol servers via `File | Settings | Tools | External Symbols`. If Rider fails to find the PDB, it will decompile the library. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell Rider about the source code on GitHub without a PDB. 


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