Changing Namespace naming suggestion

Hi there, 

I have a space in the folder name containing my scripts in a Unity project. However I want the namespace to not have a space. Rider suggests underscores which I don't like. An example:

\Folder Name\
I want: FolderName
Rider wants: Folder_Name

Is there somewhere to configure this? I tried in the naming styles section but couldn't find anywhere to say to clear spaces instead of using underscores.


Hi Adam,

Could you please share a screenshot of where Rider suggests underscore (a notification or it just creates sources with _ namespaces?)?
Could you please also describe why you do not want to rename your folder in the desired style?


Kind regards,


Hi Sofia,

Thanks for the reply!

Here are the screenshots, it both creates new classes with the underscore (the most annoying part) and then underlines a suggestion if it's modified:

I don't want to rename the folder because Unity package convention now (judging by the built-in assets) use spaced, capitalised folder names, e.g. My Great Asset. (And, in terms of my OCD, it's also nicer for the file system, considering the folders don't really need C# compliant names.)


Hi Adam,

Thank you for the clarification.

Unfortunately, this is not possible in Rider. I've filed an issue for this: Please feel free to vote for it.





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