Shortcut to set focus to code window?

When editing in a terminal window, how can I return focus to the current document's code window via the keyboard?

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     Hello, there!

     To switch focus to the editor, one can use a shortcut for the action “Focus Editor” which can be found on Rider’s settings page “File | Settings | Keymap”, then you should expand the tab “Editor Actions” and find the desired value or you can use the field “Search” with a keyword. For example, if you use the  “IntelliJ” keymap, press the key “Escape” to switch focus to the editor.

      Also, Rider has an action for switching between editor tabs and tool windows. To use it press "Ctrl + Tab".
     To find more info about Keymap settings and Switcher please visit the following  help pages:

     If you have any questions, you are welcome!

Best regards,

Maxim Isaev.


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