How to set the default file name in File Templates?

1. Use the following template to create a Class, the input file is named "Test", I want it to output the final result (and the file name is "TestRepository.cs") ? Or create a file named TestRepository.cs, how to replace the $CLASS$ in macro(current file name with out extension) as "Test" ?

                 namespace xxx {

                        public class Test{}


2. How to format $CLASS$ (macro=current file name without extension) to name the camel case? like input 'TestService' output 'testService'


namespace $NAMESPACE$
        public class $CLASS


Thanks .

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     1. Do I understand right that you want a class name and a file name containing this class to be different after creating a new class? Then you should edit a “$CLASS$” variable on “File | Settings | Editor | File Templates | C# -> Class” settings page. There are several ways to set a constant for Class Name:
          a. You can directly write the necessary name in the class template.
          b. You can change the type of $CLASS$ variable to “Constant value” and set a predefined value.

          c. Also, you can set “Current file name without extension” value and enable “Editable” mode. Then after creating a new class file a cursor will be placed on
     a class name and you just can start typing the necessary class name without any additional actions.
     2. Unfortunately,  there is no such feature in Rider, but you can create a request on ReSharper’s tracker

     Best regards,
     Maxim Isaev.

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Thanks for your help  @Maxim Isaev ^^


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