Removing an "invisible" plugin?

I keep getting this message:

Plugin "SequencePluginReload" is incompatible (supported only in IntelliJ IDEA).

Since I don't need the plugin in Rider anymore I'd be perfectly fine with removing it.

But I cannot find the plugin in the list of installed plugins :-( Can I deinstall/deactivate it by editing some XML/JSON file with Rider config settings?

Any help appreciated.


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Hello Ralf,


You can delete this plugin by removing the corresponding JAR file directly from disk. If you use Rider 2020.1 on Windows, you can find SequencePlugin.jar in %AppData%\JetBrains\Rider2020.1\plugins.


Let me know if it helps.

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Thanks a lot! Yes, this worked perfectly! No more error message. :-)

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Thanks for the update! Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or face any difficulties.


Have a great day! 


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