Make side bars a fixed width, regardless of which ones you've selected?

As you switch between these, the sizes vary drastically:

Which is bloody annoying when you're trying to focus on a bit of code.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Also while we're here.

What's with all the wasted space here?
We could do with easily one less column of collapsable arrows possibly 2.
It's possible to be compact like VSCode AND still maintain readability.

And why does this sometimes end up re-collapsing itsself?

I can guarantee I'm not tapping Ctrl+Numpad minus.

I'd probably cry if I added up all the time I spent just trying to get Rider to be less annoying :(

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Hi Sicklebrick,


Sorry to hear you experienced such issues. Let me address them one by one:


1) Currently, all tool tabs have independent width. There is a request on our tracker to add support for unified width. Please upvote the issue to demonstrate an additional interest.


2) I've created a request on the tracker. Feel free to upvote and comment on the issue.


3) Generally, the nodes collapse on "Collapse All" action (which is not the case as you mentioned) or when the root node ("Found usages" in this case) is collapsed. If you noticed that the nodes collapse for no apparent reason, please feel free to create an issue on our tracker and attach the logs, collected using Help->Collect Logs to the issue



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*sigh*, thanks Kirill Filin

3) Yeah, sometimes it really does randomly re-collapse itsself.

I've kinda ran out of energy to try and get things fixed. I'm exhausted with Rider and I'm definitely not making another youtrack ticket.
Actual settings-wiping bugs don't get fixed.

I've reported MULTIPLE bugs which if tested would have lead the team to a infinite trial period glitch. So it's obvious things aren't getting read.
(don't worry they're private).
e.g. "I've made it impossible to import a folder with no settings". etc when I was asking about a folder with 2 settings .zip files in it, so things aren't getting read.

I've reported multiple really fixable bugs where settings are disabled and autocomplete still kicks in, wrecking your formatting, for example.

Basically my list of current gripes is this long:

- Find results in a vertical tab (even with grouping off) waste a ton of space with the expandable arrows.
- Find results sometimes re collapsing themselves
- Panels on the left not sticking to one common width (god that's annoying)
- Autoinsert still inserting things IN MULTIPLE PLACES with every single typing assistance disabled
[Header(", autocompleting a function with code after it wraps in brackets, etc
- Document format just plain missing or not working for C#/Unity
- Formatting randomly breaks
- Settings dialog crashing and wiping your settings
- "Search Everywhere" randomly selecting .meta files and .prefab files over *source code*
- Search randomly favouring gameObject over GameObject when I type GameObject
- Side bars won't stay a fixed width, (Explorer,Find,Structure, etc. double bad with vertical split)
- window layout is not saved between projects. been aware of it since 2019.3
- very easy to crash the window system by moving windows
- every. single. action. is. laggy. even with tons of plugins, off, etc on an i7 from SSD
- crazy wide gutters, even if they're empty.. hover and suddenly the gutters expand about 8 pixels...
- there's no proper tabs-to-space or spaces-to-tabs. Instead it assumes and gets very annoying.
- by default you have to disable 20+ plugins to speed up loading.

And yes I've opened tickets about them.
Sometimes multiple when others were ignored.

If I can't get one genuine bug looked at and taken seriously in 6 months.
There's 0 chance of getting most of this fixed, ever.

So long, thank you, it's been horrible, I've moved to VSCode.
I'm so exhausted with this place. I'm frustrated. The staff have been friendly, but nothing gets done.

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Thank you for the feedback. I'm very sorry you have faced these issues.


I want to assure you that issues on the tracker are read, and we are aware of the reports made by you and other users. I understand your frustration. We are trying to fix as many issues as possible with each release. However, not all of them can be addressed at once, so we are gradually working on them over time.


If you feel like trying Rider again in the future, please feel free to contact us.


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"I want to assure you that issues on the tracker are read, "
I mean, if you look at the issues I've reported, that's verifiably false.

It's not about working on all of them at once, it's about acknowledging there was a problem in the first place.


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