Cannot debug dotnet core app

I am trying to debug a dotnet core app; my environment is this

  • linux ubuntu 20
  • dotnet-sdk-3.1.301-linux-x64


Every time i try to start the debug i get a bunch of output in the debug output view:

Loaded Assembly '/home/user/dotnet/dotnet-sdk-3.1.301-linux-x64/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/3.1.5/System.Xml.ReaderWriter.dll'
Loading module /home/user/dotnet/dotnet-sdk-3.1.301-linux-x64/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/3.1.5/System.Xml.ReaderWriter.dll in application domain 1:clrhost
Pdb file for assembly /home/user/dotnet/dotnet-sdk-3.1.301-linux-x64/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/3.1.5/System.Xml.ReaderWriter.dll was not found or failed to read

that is just an example, i get the same output for every assembly i am using

I have already defined the external symbol server for windows but it's not working 

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Hello, Jose Miguel Loor!
Thank you for your request, I'd like to clarify a few points:

  1. What kind of project do you use?
  2. Can you send us a project where you get errors? You can do this privately using our Upload Service
  3. And finally. What “DebugType” do you use?

Based on your description, you can't use debugger at all - e.g. breakpoints do not trigger when they should, is that right?

Best regards,
Maxim Isaev.


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