Installation in AppData not ideal

My company has put several security measures (including Carbon Black) in place due to which my Jetbrains suite has stopped working. The Admins are adamant that the AppData folder cannot be used for executable & binaries.At this point, I'm unable to uninstall the suite.

Is there an installation setting to specify the deployment to a different folder (white listed). 

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Do you try to install from the toolbox? If so, did you tried to use the stand alone installers?

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Also, in the toolbox you can provide a custom path where to install the tools in settings.

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If you installed Rider via Toolbox app, please follow the steps below:
1. Open the Toolbox settings page via the gear icon.

2. Open the “Tools” option and change the “Tools install location” field to another path. My install location after changing looks like:

Note. A previous installation folder will be deleted from the default path automatically.

Best regards,
Maxim Isaev.




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