Export formatting to project

How can I export my current active formatting settings (global and project combined) to the project? My goal would be to provide the current config for all others in VCS.


Thanks for any help! 

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Hi Sascha.
To share IDE settings between team members via the VCS you should use layer - based settings. This settings used for options which have icon, like this image:

1. To share project settings, please, follow the steps bellow:
    1.1 Open the “File | Settings | Editor | Code Style | C#” setting page, for example;
    1.2 Change some option on the page;
    1.3 Save it as “Solution team-shared' layers”;

    1.4 The “<Solution name>.sln.DotSettings” file will be save in the solution folder
    1.5 Add this file in VCS and when the team members fetch it, those settings will be applied automatically without reloading the solution.
2. Unfortunately, Rider can’t share global settings via VCS, because global settings are stored separately from projects.

Please find more information about share settings on: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/rider/Sharing_Configuration_Options.html

Best regards,
Maxim Isaev.


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Thanks for your support


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