Windows Defender warnings

I always get the warnings that my directories are not excluded while actually they are. Also, the Process JetBrains Rider is excluded.

How can I fix this?

Error message:

Configured exclusions:

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Currently, reading and writing Windows Defender exclusions requires elevation. Thus, when opening a solution without administrator permissions, Rider can't check if its path is already added to exclusions. When you click Automatically in the notification dialog, Rider will request elevation and add the solution path, and also it will enable a special flag for this particular solution that will disable showing the notification when opening the solution. This is the reason why the notification is shown even after you've configured Defender exclusions manually. As a workaround, you may click Automatically in the notification popup, or disable showing this notification completely.

We are planning to address this issue in one of the upcoming releases. To follow the current status, please upvote and click Watch in the following issue: IDEA-309894 Windows Defender configuration suggests to add already added exclusions

Hi Sascha,

It seems that you've faced a known issue which was fixed recently:





Sofia Byzova Thanks for pointing at this issue. As far as I can tell this will be fixed with 2020.3?


The fix will be available in the next bugfix: Rider 2020.2.2.


It's amazing that this issue still exists 4 years later…  Every project solution I open makes the request every time.  I grant permission, it says it's ok until the next time I load the project.  


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