Remove unused using directives


I want Rider to remove unused 'using' directives in my code. So I went to settings Editor -> Code Cleanup made a copy of the "Built-in: Reformat Code" profile and then checked C# -> Optimize 'using' directives -> Optimize 'using' directives and also set that profile as default for silent cleanup. But still rider doesn't seem to care...

Anything else I need to do?

Thank you


Hi Marco! 

You can use `Code | Optimize imports` for this purpose. Could you check it? 

If you request is more about silent code cleanup, could you please clarify your Rider version (`Help | About` or `JetBrains Rider | About`) and the type of your project? 


Hi Alexandra

Yes that's what I'm looking for. Is it possible to perform this action together with "Reformat Code"?

Thank You


Hi Marco! 

Could you please clarify, you call Editor -> Silent Code Cleanup with your custom profile set ad default? What happens instead? What Rider version do you use? Thank you. 


I can confirm that this is also not working for me (optimize imports silently). Rider version: Rider 2022.1.2


Electrobuddha, thank you for your question. Does the problem happen for a newly created solution or it's solution specific problem?

Could you please collect all Rider `.DotSettings` files:

- *Personal layer*: ```.DotSettings.user``` file near your sln (if any)
- *Team-shared layer*: ```.DotSettings``` file near your sln (if any)
- *Global settings layer*: Use "Help -> Diagnostic tools -> Special Files and Folders -> R# Global Settings" to locate ```GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings``` file

Then please use the "Submit a request" button at the top of the page and attach the resulting files to the request. Thanks in advance!


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