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Hello Eartar!
You can do the same steps as in the example provided in Unreal Engine forum, except for:
* In Visual Studio, right click your project and select [Set as StartUp Project]
* Command Arguments: I just removed everything, so this is blank!
Both of these actions are configured through "Run Configuration" settings in Rider. Documentation.

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Hello! Thanks for your question.

Do I understand right, you want to start an arbitrary executable under debug session? To achieve that, you can use run configurations:

  1. Open any project (or create a new one) which you will use for debug;
  2. In the run configurations drop-down list choose `Edit Configurations...`;
  3. Find the `Native executable` template;
  4. Click `Create configuration` to make a run configuration based on the template;
  5. Fill the form (name of configuration, exe path etc.). Remove the `Build solution` task from the `Before launch` list if you do not need to build your project every time you start a debug session;
  6. Choose the created configuration in the drop-down list and start debugging.

It is possible that the sources of debugged application won't map correctly (and, therefore, won't be found by default during debugging). It is possible in the case the application was built on another machine. To fix that you can add source mapping to the `.lldbinit` configuration file in your user directory (e.g. `C:\Users\YourUserName\.lldbinit`, create the file if it doesn't exist):

settings set target.source-map "*" "C:\Path\To\Sources\On\Your\Machine"

And that's it! Feel free to ask any questions if it is necessary.


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