Is there any sort of mechanism to create a clickable link to another file in a comment for navigation purposes only?


    This is a bit of a long-shot but I was wondering if there is any way to create a clickable link to another file in a comment? I am not wanting to reference it in code in any way, just help simplify navigation a bit. It is a Unity project and several of my classes use custom editors, which makes it really easy to go from the custom editor to the base class as it is actually referenced with a class attribute that I can just middle mouse click on and jump through, but not the other way around if I am in the base and want to quickly get to that particular custom editor.

It would be great if I could put a comment above the class name that was just a link to the other file that I could click or ctrl+click on to open it.



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I figured out somewhat of a solution I suppose using the Toolboxes Rider.cmd. I made a new external tool using that and then $SelectedText$ as the argument, then I just copied the full path of the file into a comment at the top of the file so I can select it, right click and pick the external tool and it opens that file. Not ideal, but I suppose it will do the job for now, until (if) I find another solution.

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Can Search everywhere help here (
Try using the following flow:

- select the class name from comments;

- press Shift-Shift and then press enter (because the necessary file will be selected in the search result).

The selected text should be automatically pasted to the search field.

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I appreciate the reply Sofia. That does seem like a more elegant solution, as it is not dependent on an outside script, but also I do not have to press shift + esc afterward to close the terminal that pops up. 

I am kicking myself now wondering why I didn't think of that in the first place. I even wrote my own addon for the Houdini software package that mimics the shift + shift menu, so I understand it's value, lol.


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This is great. I definitely +1'd it. Thanks for sharing it.


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