Methods from Code Behind in XAML


Dear Madam or Sir,

I use Rider on Linux and I try develop Avalonia Application. It works well but there is a really annoying issue:

If I write 

<Button Click="MethodeToCall"> My Button </Button>

Rider gives me the following Error: "Cannot Resolve Symbol 'MethodeToCall'"

When I execute the program, it works, but Rider cannot find any CodeBehind Methods with are written in the CodeBehind file. (.xaml.cs)

Does anyone know how to fix this. The best thing would be that Rider shows the Methods as a suggestion, but I also would be happy if it just do not show an error.


Kind regards,


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Hello Alex,

We are working on Avalonia support and this issue should be resolved in the next Rider version, here is the corresponding record on our bug tracker: RSRP-481064. We would appreciate it if you would upvote the issue and make sure to watch for monitoring the progress.


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