Variable value truncated when copy it

In the recent version of Rider something changed and now when I copy the variable value in the debugger it truncated. It is very important for me to be able to copy the whole value even if it is 2MB string because I need to inspect data.

Can this behavior be changed back? 

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Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce described behaviour. Could you please add some details, such as: 

- your Rider version (Help | About);

- your OS;

- the type of your project;   

- code snippet or project sample where you can reproduce this;   

We appreciate any additional information. 

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-Rider 2020.2.4

-Windows 10

-Library, Winforms


static void Main(string[] args)
var a = new A();

}//#1 put breakpoint here
//#2 hover on the 'a' with mouse
//#3 click on tooltip
//#4 press ctrl+c

class A
public override string ToString()
return "1".PadLeft(100000,'A');

Expected result: cliboard should contains very long string which contains '1' in the end
But real result: truncated string copied to clipboard

Curently downgraded to 2020.1.4 where is no such bug. But there is some another bug which is also annyoing..but ability to copy whole ToString() is critical for me and my work

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Reproduced, thank you! Seems like my string had not enough length.  

Here is an issue for this: RIDER-52415

Please, follow it for further updates. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. 



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