Rider doesn't show fix for compiler warning CS0414 "Non accessed field"

I am using Rider for a personal Unity project. When adding a field to my MonoBehaviour class, I noticed a warning CS0414 "Non-accessed field" which makes sense because I don't do anything with the field yet. However, when I press Alt+Enter, I don't get any suggestions to "fix" this warning. I'd expect to get a suggestion to remove the unused field, but I don't.

The weird thing is that I get the same warning for a serialized field, and I do get a suggestion to remove the unused serialized field there. I looked at the settings of the inspections, and these inspections are enabled, so I can't understand why I don't get any suggestions for a non serialized field.

Another thing I don't understand is that on a non serialized field, I get a yellow underline of warning, and on the serialized field, the field is simply grey (which is hardly noticeable with the Visual Assist color scheme that I like).

Screenshots attached:


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Thank you for the detailed description. It seems to be an issue in code analyzer. The same thing with underlines: there are different warnings, so, different colours.  

I've created RSRP-481555 for you. Please, feel free to follow it to be notified about all changes. 


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