All the sudden unable to install iOS app on device.

I have been successfully using Rider to build a Xamarin Forms app for iOS.  This morning, all of the sudden I'm getting the following when trying to run it from the IDE:

Failed to install application on device Bill’s iPad Pro: warning HE1902: The application 'com.otherwise.OurGalaxyX' has been signed with a provisioning profile which does not include the device 'Bill’s iPad Pro'.

In the past, Rider (via Xcode) has managed the provisioning profile for me.  My iPad Pro has always been in the profile.  Any thoughts as to what is going on?

If it's any clue, when I first ran the app, I did get a popup saying that Xcode needed to access my keychain (which I allowed).

I also can still debug apps created directly in Xcode.


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I finally "solved" the problem. It may have happened due to the fact that my Apple Developer Membership renew over the weekend. I dunno.

Anyway, what finally got it working was to go to Xcode and create a new dummy app using my developer account. This cause it to down a new generic provisioning profile. After that, I was once again able to build in Rider.


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