Changing the Debugger value changed highlight color


In Rider 2020.2 (Rider Dark color scheme), I find the modified value highlight in the debugger pretty hard to see. Does anyone know which "Color Scheme" setting is associated with that highlight?

If it's not obvious, it's the "StartValue", which currently has something like a cyan color in the attached image. Probably close to #61EDED (according to Photoshop).

I looked through all items under "Color Scheme", but couldn't find anything that seemed to be associated with the "value changed" debugger highlight.

There's an existing issue that was reported by another developer a few months ago. I added a comment there, as well:

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Hello Michael,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Please keep watching the issue on tracker since the latest progress on it can be seen there. Feel free to ask any other questions.


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