Error Is not marking as Red in console also unable to go The following error line


I am using Jetbrains Rider 2020.2.3 (on Windows 10) and am really struggling to read error messages in the built-in console. I have tried fixing this by changing the theme and updating the options under Preferences>Editor>Color Scheme->Console Colors but this does not solve anything. Also, unable to go to the error line by clicking the file link. I have attached the screenshots:

  1. Screenshot of my console output


What I want Is 


From where error can be easily understandable and can go to the particular error line number

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Hi! We already have a feature request to colourize and make links clickable in such cases, but it is not planned yet. Please, feel free to follow RIDER-45345 and vote for it to raise its priority. 

Thank you! 

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Thanks @Alexandra Guk for your response.


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