Failed loading project because of IsOsPlatform function in build condition

Hi all,


I have some old projects in c# 4.6.1 which are using mongo.

To Connect to mongo its using internally some lib named "Libmongocrypt".
This seems to have a build condition:

<ItemGroup Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOsPlatform('Windows'))">
<Content Include="$(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)../x64/native/windows/mongocrypt.dll">

As far as I understand the condition can not be evaluated. The Proeject works fine within VisualStudio 2015/2017 but does not work in Rider 2020.2.4.

My error message is:

17:11 Project '*************' load failed
[MSB4186] Ungültige Aufrufsyntax für statische Methode: "[MSBuild]::IsOsPlatform('Windows')". Die Methode "[MSBuild]::IsOsPlatform" konnte nicht gefunden werden. Für den Aufruf statischer Methoden muss folgendes Format verwendet werden: $([vollständiger Typname]::Methode()), z. B. $([System.IO.Path]::Combine(`a`, `b`))
**************\source\packages\MongoDB.Libmongocrypt.1.0.0\build\MongoDB.Libmongocrypt.targets at (4:16)

Can anyone help?

Thank you.

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Hi Rafael

Please, accept my apologies for the delay. 

Do you have any plugins for mongo support installed? Could you please collect logs after trying loaf the project (`Help | Collect logs`) and attach them to a new issue via `Help | Contact support` or `Help | Report a bug`? 

Please also attach your solution if it is possible or your .csproj file if not. 

Thank you! 


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