Continuous testing pops up build window with errors on every save

I have set up Rider to run tests on each save which works OK although it is not unfortunately as advanced as NCrunch in Visual Studio. One things that annoys me a lot is that if I have an error in my solution (e.g. when I do a refactoring and nothing compiles unless I do a change in many files), then each time I do save a file, the build window with error pops up. If everything goes fine, then there is a little hint popup at the bottom.

It's already a red sign at the bottom and no green "coverage" to the left of each line when there is an error, so this pop up is really annoying. In VS with NCrunch one can see an indication that build did not go (which is covered by solution analysis and exists in Rider already), but there is no popup. If things don't work, the "dots" to the left just never turns light green / red , but stay as dark green meaning that the tests did not run.

The same goes for success: there is no popup, just all the dots become light green / red.

Is it possible to achieve something like that in Rider? It's really annoying with the popups, I already know things don't build (either because I see red in the file, at the bottom or from the dark green lines to the left) or build (because I see them as light green).

P.S. The build popup does not even get focused, so pressing Esc or Shift+Escape does not work.

P.P.S. I have found out that it is actually quite handy when I do fix these errors, but becomes annoying when I do something else, so not sure what can be the right update here actually...

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Hello Ilya. The test project is built each time before tests run, the behavior cannot be changed. There is one thing that can be changed for focus in general, it is Showing Build Results, as you can see on screenshot. For NCrunch support there is an open request on our tracker: RIDER-3824. Let me know if you have other questions.


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