Creating a project using Rider UI


Hey guys,

I can't find a way to create a project just like I can using the .net core 3.1 CLI interface.
There is always something at the wrong place, or the main project referencing the unit test when It shouldn't.

dotnet new sln
dotnet new console -o DesignSystemExtractor
dotnet new xunit -o UnitTests
dotnet sln add DesignSystemExtractor/DesignSystemExtractor.csproj
dotnet sln add UnitTests/UnitTests.csproj
dotnet add UnitTests/UnitTests.csproj reference DesignSystemExtractor/DesignSystemExtractor.csproj
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Hello Richard,

Thank you for contacting us!
Do you need this structure to create more than once? In this case, I suppose the best way is to create a custom project template.
Please find here some more information.

Should you have any other questions, let us know. Have a good day! 

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Great! I'll give that a shot!

I need this structure every time I start a new project, so multiple times.


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