How to enable "Navigate to Implementation" function for Rider **under Linux**?

Hi, I installed Rider under both Windows and (Arch) Linux. I noticed that under windows if I "Ctrl+F12" for a method for example in .Net Core, I can successfully go to the actual definition of the method. However under linux if I do that same to the same code, I only get a decompiled signature of the method instead of the full implementation.


Is there a way to enable this feature under linux too? Thanks!

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First of all, please make sure that "Use sources from symbol files when available" and "Allow downloading from remote locations" settings are turned on in "File | Settings | Tools | External Symbols" on your Linux machine. If Rider still decompile instead of downloading source code, please reproduce the issue, collect Rider logs as described here, and attach it to a new Support Request. We'd be happy to help!

There might be several reasons for this problem:

1. Rider cannot download pdb for the library where you'd like to navigate. Perhaps symbol servers that Rider uses are different on your Linux and Windows machines

2. Pdb file is downloaded successfully, but there is no information in it where to get source code files from

3. Finally, the source server might be unavailable


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