Context action "Generate method documentation", where are you?


I work on two different solutions. In one I get for methods the extremly helpful context action "Generate method documentation", which creates an XML-comment with auto-generated text for all tags, like summary, params and return. If I change the method, for example adding params, I can run the action again and it adjusts the comment.

I don't get this context action in my other solution. I can't find anything at all about this feature. No settings in Rider, nothing in the internet, only an unresolved feature request that asks for exactly this:

Any idea where this "non-existent" feature is coming from and how I can make it stop to disappear? 

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I figured it out myself: It's the StyleCop.Analyzer that provides that context action. There was a configuration file mentioned in the csproj file, that disabled the documentation analyzer rules SA1600D, SA1606D, SA1612D, SA1623D, and SA1642D. After I removed that the context action was back.


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