Rider 2020.2.4 wrong list of ios simulators


For whatever reason Rider it's showing me only ios simulators with ios 12 and not what I have on either xcode or vs4mac in which I have ios 13 and 14 and newer simulators.

Any ideas what's going on ?




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Hello Jose,

Could you please specify if you have several version of XCode installed by chance? And if so, which versions of simulators you have installed in others? If you don't have any other version, and if you are willing and able, please also trying the latest available Rider EAP and let me know if the issue persists there. Otherwise, please add the line #com.jetbrains.cidr.xcode in Help | Diagnostic Tools | Choose Trace Scenarios | Advanced Logs Settings, reopen Rider, open your project, click to simulators list dropdown, collect the logs via Help | Collect logs. Attach the log bundle with a new issue on our bug tracker. Thank you in advance!


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