Docker-compose Projects not building


I have a VisualStudio project that consists of 3 Services within a docker-compose file. I can run the project and the containers spin up. Debugging also works fine!


The 3 Services themselfes have Dockerfiles and they should be build within the Docker-containers, with the environment variables from the docker-compose-file/env file.

When I change something in the projects and rebuild, the container is not updated. Instead the build is performed locally and the running Docker-Container does not know that the image has been updated. In VisualStudio, after saving a file and hitting "refreh" it automatically builds the project and updates fine!

When I activate the --force build option it works. But that takes a long time.

So my question is: How does Jet Brains Rider recognize that a Service changed and needs to be rebuilt with docker-compose?


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I guess it is not possible with Rider? Very unfortunate :/ I switch back to Visual Studio whenever I work with docker-compose, which currently is like 90%

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Hello Marcello,

You are right, this is not possible in Rider at the moment. Here is the corresponding feature request: Please note that the visibility for this issue is set to "Only registered users", so please create a YouTrack account to watch and upvote it.


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