Run HttpRequest test as automated test online


We have created several test cases using HTTP Request files to test our Rest API. We would like to run these test automatically offline or online and do continues testing. Are there any tools for that?


### Auth empty token
POST {{schema}}{{host}}/pdf/to/encrypt?token=

> {%
client.test("Request executed successfully", function() {
client.assert(response.status === 401, "Response status is not 401");
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Hello Tomas,

This feature is not yet implemented. However, we have a corresponding issue on our bug tracker. We would appreciate it if you would upvote the issue in order to demonstrate additional interest and bring increased awareness to the issue.

It worth mentioning, that in the thread, you could notice a reference to an open-source application "IntelliJ Rest CLI", developed by an enthusiast and available at GitHub. It may help you with the goal.

You may be also interested in RestClient integration with JUnit framework, in this way, please vote for this feature as well.



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