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Is there a way to make the Switcher show files that were opened just recently? Let's say, my tab limit is 10 and all 10 tabs are pinned. I open an eleventh tab and don't pin it, and then open a twelth tab, which is going to replace the eleventh one in the tabs list due to the set limit. I'd like to be able to go back to eleventh tab by simply pressing Ctrl + Tab (opening the Switcher and moving to the previous tab), but since the tab limit had been exceeded and the eleventh tab was replaced, the Switcher's just not going to show it.

Is it possible to make the Switcher behave like the "Recent Files" tab that shows the whole list of recently opened files? Or navigate the "Recent Files" tab by simply pressing Ctrl + Tab (where releasing the Ctrl button would also open the file) or a similar shortcut?

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Hi, Vladimir Melnikov

You can show recently opened files with View | Recent files (Ctrl+E). There are more details in the following article.  

I hope this helps! Should you have any questions, let us know. 


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