Editor Tabs Lose Numbers

In Rider 2020.3, I find that editor tabs that have Alt+n keyboad shortcuts no longer prefix the tab's title with the number n.  Instead of

0 Build, 1 Explorer, 2 Favorites, 3 Find, 5 Debug, 7 NuGet, 8 Unit Tests

I see

Build, Explorer, Favorites, Find, Debug, NuGet, Unit Tests

Some other editor tabs that previously had no keyboard shortcuts now have them.  Examples are Ctrl+Alt+2 for Errors in Solution and Cltr+Alt+3 for Database.  That is most welcome.  However, it appears that, as these new triple-key shortcuts would be awkward to show on the tab captions, for consistency all the existing shortcut numbers have been removed from the tab captions and instead there are mouse-over tool tips to show all the shortcuts.

If I am correct that this indeed a change by design, I for one would like to see the return of the shortcut numbers on the editor tab captions, at least where there is a two-key shortcut such as Alt+1 for Explorer, for which the caption would then be "1 Explorer", as it used to be.

If there's a preference I can change to get the shortcut numbers back in the editor tab captions, I would like to know about it.



Hi Simon O'Rorke

You can enable it in `Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | [x] Show tool window numbers`.

I hope this helps! Should you have any other questions, let us know. 


Hello  Alexandra,

That worked, thanks!

Is that option new with Rider 2020.3 and off by default?  I'm asking because I did not knowingly do anything to hide the window numbers.



Hi Simon, 

Yes, this behaviour changed in 2020.3 and we added the option to show numbers back. 


Hello Alexandra,

OK, thanks for the clarification.



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