Undo "Exclude" (from Explorer context menu)


This morning I opened a Unity project I haven't touched in a few months, and it bugged me how much "noise" there was in the Explorer panel due to a bunch of third-party assets taking up space in the project. I right-clicked on one of the folders to see if there was an option to hide it, and saw the "Exclude" option. It seemed reasonable, so I clicked it. Now I have a ton of solution errors due to other files that were referencing those objects — I didn't mean to exclude it from analysis, I just wanted it to not show up in the Explorer.

Now I've been searching for the past hour and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to just freaking undo what I did. The folder is not listed under Settings > Editor > Inspection Settings > Elements to Skip. My .idea folder is version-controlled, and I saw no changes to any of the tracked files in there that could be reverted. Regardless, I completely deleted the .idea folder and reopened the solution hoping that Rider would just sort of "reset," but the excluded folder is still missing from the Explorer panel and I'm still seeing the same errors caused by the exclusion. It's honestly extremely frustrating that something so easy to do and so consequential is so bafflingly difficult to revert. I feel like I'm in some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare.

In summary:

  1. How do I revert the "Exclude" action I mistakenly performed?
  2. How do I actually control what files/folders are visible in the Explorer panel without affecting how solution-wide analysis behaves? Is it even possible? I just want a cleaner view of my actual code files without a ton of third-party asset noise.

EDIT: I'm on Windows 10, Rider 2020.3.2, in a project for Unity 2020.1.4f1

EDIT 2: File > Invalidate Caches / Restart... also did not fix the issue.

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Hi Dannymcgee

1.It's a bit tricky in Rider 2020.3.2. Select the folder you've excluded and call `Find action` (double Shift). Then type 'include' and select the proper item. I hope this helps! It is definitely an issue, and it will be fixed in the next update. 

2. Scopes for Solution explorer could help you here. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Rider for now. Please, vote for this request for it:  RIDER-16273

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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Hi Alexandra Guk
How do we do this in Rider 2021.2? 
I had excluded by mistake a folder in the solution and cannot find how to include it again X_x 

I tried to follow your instructions but perhaps is me that cannot find the "proper item" when using the "Find Action" :S 

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Hi Jaime

In 2021.2 do the following: 

- Click on the eye button to show all files

- Choose "include" in the context menu of your folder. 


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how do I include folder in 2021.3.2 after I accidentally excluded plugins folder 

there is no include option

I also have visual studio 2019 if this can help

at least say where do you store file with that list of excluded folders and files so that I would be able to manually revert it

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Using Rider 2021.3.2 for Mac, I just selected "Add" /"Add Existing Item... " from a parent folder, and the folder I have "excluded" was restored.

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Hi there,

Yaroslav Hayovich, could you please share a screenshot of your solution explorer (in `show all` mode) with the selected excluded folder? 

I cannot reproduce this on my lab.

Also, the solution suggested by Victor Vasquez works.





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