"unset" comment in new class file

Whenever I create a new class or interface (via Alt+Ins), I am getting an "unset" comment at the top.

// unset

namespace MyNamespace
public class Test


This is only happing in one project, another project does not do this.

The File Template does not have this comment in it and I cannot find what setting is causing this to appear. 

Any ideas on where this "unset" comment comes from and how to stop it from being put in new classes?


The same issue for me.



This is a known issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-56029.

It happens because of the following line in your .editorconfig file.

file_header_template = unset

Good to know, did not realize it was coming from the .editorconfig file.

I ended up removing the HEADER variable in the file template.


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