Debugging: Throwing ArgumentException


when debugging, I can't see any values because an argument exception is thrown. Any ideas whats the reason for that? 


Hi Tabaloa

What are your Rider version and project type? Could you please add a screenshot illustrating the issue?

Thank you! 


Hey Alexandra,

the rider version is pretty new!

Copied from "About" (shortened!):

JetBrains Rider 2020.3.3
Build #RD-203.7148.23, built on February 17, 2021

The project type is a console application but I let it run in a docker, so I guess this is the problem here.

When debugging, I dont see the values. For example like this, I have an objcet which has a property called "Alias" whose type is string.

But all I see is this :( 



I see this same issue as well. When debugging, a lot of my variables are throwing an ArgumentException.


.NET Core 3.1 - Class Library - C# 8.0

JetBrains Rider 2020.3.4
Build #RD-203.7717.10, built on March 17, 2021



Is there interesting in fixing this? 


Hi Tabaloa, undefined

Sorry for the delay. It seems like there are different problems here. 

Could you please both collect logs in the following way: 

1. Enable Debugger trace scenario in `Help | Diagnostic Tools| Choose Trace Scenarios`;

2. Reproduce the issue;

3. Create a new issue through `Help | Report a bug`. Logs attach automatically and privately. 

4. Disable trace Scenarios. 

This helps us to investigate your cases. Thank you in advance! 


Turned out it was an error in the project settings. Fixed them and now I can debug. So it was a user error, not a bug within Rider.



Tabaloa What was the project settings error? I am facing the same issue. How do I fix it?


Tabaloa Could you please share what steps did you follow? This will help other people in the community.


Hi Rlam, Sgupta

This thread is quite old and the reasons for the error could be different if you use new versions of Rider. We could help to investigate the issue. For this, please collect logs as I described in the previous comment. 

Thank you in advance! 


You're the worst kind of person Tabaloa


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