Configure autocomplete of PackageReference versions?


I often times declare package references directly in my csproj files instead of using the nuget explorer tab because I find it to be way quicker in many cases.

What I really like is that autocomplete works very nice but I would wish to be able to configure autocompletion for the "Version" attribute.  
It seems that the default behaviour is to first suggest any locally available versions, which is nice to keep versions consistent across subprojects, but it also seems to include prerelease versions which I'm usually not interested in.

The following screenshot show version suggestions for the nuget package "Serilog.Sinks.Console"

I would really like to configure this feature to exclude prerelease versions.


I also just noticed that version ordering sometimes is a bit off.
The following list if for nuget package "Serilog.Sinks.File". 
I would expect to have 4.1.0 first (locally used version), then 5.0.0, then remaining 4.1.X versions (not visible in screenshot but right after 5.X versions)

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Hello Torben,

We have an option to disable showing prerelease version, but it does not seem to behave correctly with completion, so I have created a corresponding issue on our tracker and added your preference to have installed package version on top of the list: RIDER-59985. Please upvote and watch for monitoring the progress.

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Ah nice, thank you very much Olga Diakonova


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