FN + Backspace to delete character after cursor has stopped working

Really simple one here, I used to be able to use this shortcut that exists across all of OSX, but it has stopped working on Rider. I have tried other apps and they're okay. And I have tried setting another action to this shortcut, but it doesn't look like the FN key can be used for shortcuts in Rider preferences. Has anyone seen this before?

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Hi Cfin!

Thanks for contacting us.

What are your versions of macOS and Rider? 

Could you please attach a screenshot of your keymap with `Delete` shortcuts visible? Thank you in advance! 

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Did this get resolved? I have the same issue.

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Hi Tim Woods1,

I have some questions about this issue:

1. Does this shortcut work in other editors? Does it delete characters as expected?

2. Could you share your macOS keyboard settings.

3. In Rider, only fn + backspaceне does not work or there are other not working shortcuts with Fn?

4. Which keymap do you use in Rider (Preferences | Keymap)?






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