Jetbrains Rider WPF: A loading screen that does not disappear

Hi there,

I am trying just the WPF Designer and created a WPF .NET Framework project. In the upper right corner side, there is a loading screen that does not appear. What's its intend?

PS: Oh, and some more hints: The "Microsoft.Windows.Design.Extensibility" dll is missing when creating a WPF project, I had to manually add it (build failed). 

Further, when debugging then, two instances of the program are opened 




Could you try upgrading Rider up to 2021.1EAP and also upgrade Avalonia plugin in Settings | Plugins ( Can it help?


Actually, for a WPF project, you better just uninstall the Avalonia plugin, since for now it's not compatible with WPF projects at all, and will steal the preview window (we're working to make it not do that, though).


Forgot that I installed it! ... Thanks!



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