Console output appends space after every character

This is something that just started happening after I upgraded to 2021.1.1.  Right when I run the program, there's a space after each character in the output.  Super annoying!  Anyone know how to fix?  The below is an Azure Function, but same behavior in a normal .NET Core console app.


Heh, looks like the "Terminal" tab has the same issue:



Please share screenshots of the settings pages: 

Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | Console Font

Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | Color Scheme Font

Preferences | Editor | Font


Also, please try to use this workaround: 

Can it help?


Editor -> Font

Color Scheme -> Color Scheme Font

Color Scheme -> Console Font


Unchecking "Use console font instead of the default" fixes the problem.  However, now the terminal doesn't look as nice as it did before.  I haven't changed these settings, so guessing it's a new bug introduced with 2021.1.x?


Experiencing the same issue, however the checkbox "Use console font instead of the default" was already unchecked for me, and toggling it doesn't change anything...

Currently stuck using a terminal in a separate window.


For me changing the font used in the console / terminal seems to fix the issue. Or rather it works around the issue. It seems to me that the "Consolas" font is somehow botched as changing back to the font doesn't do some kindof reset which I was hoping, and instead just shows what the first screeshot in this thread shows.


It is a few years later, but this issue has come up again. 
I have Noto Sans (a proportional font) as my editor font and JetBrains Mono as my console font.

Debug output looks OK:

Console looks spacey:


As does terminal:





Would you mind verifying if the issue persists in Rider 2024.2 EAP 3? (
We recently introduced a fix for a similar issue:

Please let me know the results.
Have a nice day!
Also, please tell me, do you use Settings Sync?

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