MacOS Razor Page Support Missing


I'm using Rider on both MacOS and Windows 10.  They seem to be mostly identical in both experience and how it works...which is AWESOME!  One issue I'm having right now though is in a .net core 3 app, razor page support is missing when I'm working on the Mac but works fine when working in Windows.  The applications runs fine with zero errors and .cs files C# intellisense works fine, it's just the .cshtml pages, it sees it only as an HTML page with no understanding of razor syntax.




Figured it out.  I must have imported some of my settings from WebStorm and one of those treating .cshtml as .html. I removed that option that made it's way into rider and it's working as expected...thanks!


Hello Rkever

Thank you for contacting Rider Support.

I am happy to hear that the solution was found. However, if you have any other questions or difficulties in future, do not hesitate to contact support. Have a great day!


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