How can I stop "else" auto-inserting braces?

Hey folks! I feel like a real idiot for not figuring this out. I've tried every likely configuration setting, and none of them have any effect.

When I'm editing C# and I type "else", braces -- {} -- are automatically inserted. I never want braces to be automatically inserted. How do I disable this?


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Never mind about this. I ended up switching back to VS Code. I miss some of Rider's intelligence, but VS Code gets out the way and lets me work in a way that Rider doesn't.

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Hi Cariad

Sad to hear that. We will appreciate it if you some more details about what you miss in Rider. 

As to braces, one can customize the `else` template in `File | Settings | Editor | Live Templates | C#`. Choose the `else` template and remove it or edit as you wish. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. Have a nice day! 

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Hey Alexandra! I just wanted to say, I fired up Rider and tried out that configuration and it worked perfectly -- thank you! I'm not going to switch back, but I feel like a lot of my frustration sources from those Live Templates, and maybe I'll find an hour to go through that one day.

Thank you!


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