Commit Tool Window gone and can't get it back.


I accidentally closed the Commit Tool Window from the left side of Rider. Here is where it used to be:
I can't figure out how to get it back. "Commit" doesn't exist under View -> Tool Windows.

I am able to get around needing it by using the Git tool window but it's not the same and is inconvenient to use.


Hello Nathan, maybe you have accidentally clicked Switch to Commit Dialog? Can you check if you have the following settings enabled? 


That was it! I had to check "Use non-modal commit interface". Thank you very much!


On one PC I have the option

View > Tool Windows > Commit

..but not on my other PC. It's not there at all. Instead it opens the 'Git' tool window and it's 'local changes' tab.

Both are running 2022.2.4


I want this:



So... answer to my own question.. this is in advanced settings under version control: Enable Commit tool window.



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